As little girls, most of us dreamt of a person that would take us away from the pain and sorrow that life bestowed upon us. Where the phrase “I love you” is passionate, sincere, and held meaning. Where a hug can fix all of the problems that we had during the day and the time they were gone; the perfect Knight to save and protect us. More times than not, we don’t find our Knight in shining armor, instead we find a boy playing a man in chromed out Jordan’s with no promise of a future. I’m an exception, I found my Knight that rescued me from the pits of hell. I had to deal with my own demons, grow out of being a girl, and into a woman to attract a man like him. In order for you to understand the plight of my struggle, you have to spend some time in my shoes.


What if at an early age you were pushed into adulthood in a blink of an eye. No warning, nothing. Just get out and you better run; run as fast as you can because behind every closed door, every dark alley, every lurking car is someone waiting for the opportunity to snatch you. To rape, beat, torture, and sell you to the highest bidder. You will have no choice but to fight in order to free yourself, something that twelve year old Aaliyah Petty had to learn the hard way. She had adult decisions to make and no one to direct her what path would be the safest. Instead, the ones that were supposed to help her grow and teach her things that no one else could, turned their backs for their own personal gain and envy.









Ryan Matters Series, Volume 1: You ever wonder what it would feel like to seek vengeance on those that destroyed the vision of life as you knew it? To feel a steel blade slice through the flesh of another, gliding throughout their muscles and vessels, feeling the warmth of their blood ooze through your fingers. What if you can live that life without recourse of the law? Well now you can, with detailed, graphic, heart pounding visions that forces you to be a part of the story-line; whether you want to be or not. Once you open this book, you’ll become Ryan, do what Ryan does, and be captivated by the life of crime.







Ryan Matters Series, Volume 2: Born into this World of death and deception; TJ becomes the new skilled addition to the two psychopaths, Ryan and Matt. Their killing spree has just been magnified immensely with the cunning skill, child-like innocence, and perseverance of a kid killer. Performing his first kill with precision, this young boy may end up being a household known name; if he’s ever caught. Who will make sure they all stay under the radar and never a suspect in a murder investigation? Will there be a new Alpha Male amongst this deadly trio? Only time will tell.