About The Author

D. Odell Benson is a writer of all styles. Odell’s not the typical writer, she’s much more, much greater. Odell is a literary innovator, a literary illusionist of sort. The purpose of her writing is to take her readers outside of their own reality. Providing them with entertainment based on a story-line so real, that there’s an illusion of being one of the characters or running side by side as the action jumps from one chapter to the next.

I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 10th in the year of 1977 to S. Irene Benson and S. Gary Sullivan with one brother Andre D. Benson. I later graduated from Ashford University on September 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, specialized in forensics, and minored in psychology and on July of 2013 with a master’s degree in public administration. This is when I noticed that writing was a passion and figured why not share something that I love to do and what fuels my as a person. I’m a writer, developer, supporter, and activist for the greater good of people. Believing in the method of paying it forward and educating people by the mere understanding that thinking breeds great ideas and ideas can bring productivity, self-worth, and spiritual wealth. In my free time, I love spending time with family and friends, trying new exciting. I love to travel, but does prefer to travel by vehicle so I can see all of the sites.

My lifetime goals are to help find a cure for AIDS and breast cancer by financially supporting research, write 75 books, open a shelter for pit bulls, and open up a center to help people from the ages of 16 years old on up to be productive citizens within their communities no matter their background. I have so many passions in life. From motorcycles to being a child advocate, and helping the community in which I love. If you want to assist your community in the best way possible and willing to either open your home and become a foster parent or even becoming a big brother or big sister, that’s the number one thing we as adults can do to help our community thrive. Of course community services like feeding the homeless and setting up a cleaning day for your neighborhood will come to mind, that’s a perfect start. My personal goal in life is to help children, which is something I’ve been blessed to be able to do for the last two years.

All in all I’m human, I’m not perfect, and don’t claim to be. I have my flaws just like the next person. There’s one thing I know for sure, I know my truth, and that my word is all that I have.