Britiane Henry has been a Beta Reader for this Author since November of 2015. She has proven to be more than just a Beta Reader, because her ideas has set a new trend in how to capture the hearts of other readers via the internet. Her skills surpass most marketers to a point that any great author with her on their side is almost guaranteed success.


Stephanie Lucero is another awesome Beta Reader for this author. Both have known one another for 20 years and honesty spews from Stephanie without remorse. At first the author thought she was her worst critic but later found out that her childhood friend has ways to make a author understand where their shortcomings are without hesitation. Stephanie has also read the work of the author and is a great asset to the Beta Reader’s team. Stephanie brings with her pure honesty, if she believes that something will not work for the benefit of the author, she will be the first to tell you with an explanation why it wouldn’t work.

Jessica Nash-Leisenring has read the work already written by the author and has always given her honest feedback; good, bad, or indifferent. Even if it’s about a post the author published on Facebook or the books that Jessica is reading her opinion and thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Jessica has a degree in marketing and has the understanding of what will stand out to the public. When information comes from Jessica, the author tends to pay close attention. Another person that any great author would be lucky to have her nearby.



Kristin McBride is one of the most detailed people I’ve ever met. Kristin is not only an honest critic, she’s also a meticulous editor that will take any article, novel, or script to the next level. Her cunning eye will surely keep this author on her toes. SN: Kristin’s picture may change. Although I like it.


Last but not least, Annette McClellan has nothing but dedication to everything she lays her hands on. Her insight in literature is vast amongst all genres and best of all, she’s outspoken and will tell any author the truth about they work as well as performance when it comes to scenes and chapters. Annette dedication to reading is impeccable to say the least and is apt to read anywhere at anytime on any device.


All of these women are the best of the best and the author couldn’t have asked better readers if she tried. All bring a unique quality to the table and in return all books published by the author will be at no cost to them and autographed copies as well as acknowledgements in each book they read and prove feedback on. This is a team that even Stephen King couldn’t turn down. Happy reading ladies, you are valued and appreciated.