The Unknown

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Born into this World of death and deception; TJ becomes the new skilled addition to the two psychopaths, Ryan and Matt. Their killing spree has just been magnified immensely with the cunning skill, child-like innocence, and perseverance of a kid killer. Performing his first kill with precision, this young boy may end up being a household known name; if he’s ever caught. Who will make sure they all stay under the radar and never a suspect in a murder investigation? Will there be a new Alpha Male amongst this deadly trio? Only time will tell.

“The Unknown is a heart racing, edge of your seat story that allows the reader to submerse themselves into the life and actions of a serial killer. From this perspective, the author, D. Odell Benson, isn’t afraid to push the envelope and write about the brutal realities of how sometimes there are those who are born with a thirst that only the blood of another will quench. Unbeknownst to the masses, these psychopaths walk among us and frankly that thought is just terrifying and exhilarating.

If you are looking for an edgy, exciting, pulse pounding read, be sure to check out this second installment in the Ryan Matters Series. You won’t be disappointed!” – Jessica Leisenring